Monday, 14 November 2011

Kenilworth Castle

Here are a few pics of Kenilworth Castle, we are lucky enough to live just down the road. It was a beautiful day so we took advantage of our free residents passes and had a wonder round. I cannot take credit for the last photo (just above) as this was shot by Gary, probably my favourite pic yet!

And here's the man himself.....surely the King of the Castle

A New Hobby...

Ok, here goes..........So as you can see this is our first post! 
Lets start by explaining how this has come to be.

We bought a Nikon D3100 camera a couple of months ago after a trip to Dubai - on developing the pictures from our old point and click digital we were disappointed with the outcome so decided to upgrade!!!
Off we went to the shops and came home with a very complicated black thingymajig and 2 long watchamacallits that you attach and spin round to take your photos...............
After much button pressing and reading of manuals we are slowly learning how to use our camera. Who knew it would be sooooo complicated, but worth it.
Over the next few days I will try and post some photos we have already taken and then keep updating as we go along, hopefully they will get better and not worse! Please feel free to comment (be nice :) lol and any helpful tips will be much appreciated.
Until next time (If i can work out how to use this thing)

Happy Snapping...........
Leanne xxx